Curtains Really Bind The Room

Transforming a room can be grandiose or subtle. Small touches in home decor can really make the biggest difference. The addition of an area rug, a few well-chosen trinkets and, most importantly, curtains can really lead the eye and make or break the style. Whether you are looking for privacy or ambiance, the right curtains can actually pull an entire look together quite nicely and add a sense of balance to the room.

Curtains come in a wide variety of styles, materials, lengths and colors. Choosing the right style makes the perfect finishing touch but should complement, not detract from, the surrounding decor. Below are a few of our favorite styles.

Bohemian Style Curtains

Bohemian style curtains
Bohemian style curtains – Image Credit:

Bohemian generally refers to the unconventionally, usually artistic self-expression. Bohemians were travelers or refugees from France and central Europe who brought with them a fashion reflective of their nomadic lifestyle. The Boho-chic craze has brought the carefree edge to the modern day world.

Creativity is central to this look and this style of window dressing can actually add a sophisticated charm that is put together beautifully but doesn’t give the lofty air of “trying too hard”. Don’t take this style too lightly, though. Much thought must go into the surrounding decor to make this look work.

Bohemian style design curtains
Bohemian style design curtains – Image Credit:
Bohemian style blackout curtains
Bohemian style blackout curtains – Image Credit:
Bohemian style window curtains
Bohemian style window curtains – Image Credit:
Bohemian decor curtains
Bohemian decor curtains – Image Credit:

French Pleat Curtains

French pleat curtains
French pleat curtains – Image Credit:

French Pleat Curtains are primarily characterized by their dramatic drape. When closed, the curtains feature wide folds that become noticeably tighter when the curtains are closed. Perfect for the hourglass look, these curtains are best displayed with a tie for a touch of elegant sexiness.

French Pleat Curtains are somewhat traditional in nature, but have emerged in the modern design world with new fabrics and colors. The look can be achieved with nearly any fabric, but works best with heavier velvets or damask.

French pleat blackout curtains
French pleat blackout curtains – Image Credit:
French pleat curtain hooks
French pleat curtain hooks – Image Credit: @Mashberry
Double french pleat curtains
Double french pleat curtains – Image Credit:
French pleat curtains images
French pleat curtains images – Image Credit:

Grommet Top Curtains

Grommet top curtains
Grommet top curtains – Image Credit:

Exactly what the name suggests, the Grommet Top Curtain are designed with large grommet rings across the top. When the curtain rod is inserted, this look is bold and modern and give a nice pleated look. The look is edgy and bold in its simplicity, but can absolutely rejuvenate your room’s decor. Perfect for contemporary styling!

Ultra-modern in its styling, the Grommet Top curtains are eye-catching and sophisticated. Be careful, however, with the surrounding decor. These curtains can be overshadowed if the room’s styling is too modern. Surrounding the area with small touches of understated traditional pieces will bring the focus back to this modern decorating trend.

Grommet top blackout curtains
Grommet top blackout curtains – Image Credit:
Grommet top curtain panels
Grommet top curtain panels – Image Credit:
Grommet top patio door curtains
Grommet top patio door curtains – Image Credit:
Grommet top sheer curtains
Grommet top sheer curtains – Image Credit: @Homedepot

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains white black
Sheer curtains white black – Image Credit:

Sheer curtains are made of lightweight, semi-transparent fabrics such as Voile, Batiste, Polyester and at times, Cotton. These curtains allow in light, but still provide a bit of privacy, at least from afar. Typically used in conjunction with heavier curtains that remain tied back, the Sheer Curtain adds a graceful softness to the window and the room.

Curtains really can transform a bland room into something magnificent. Unadorned windows can attract the eye in a less than positive way. The addition of curtains adds a focal point and ties the entire room together. Curtains are relatively easy to install, so your biggest challenge will be in choosing the right style, fabric and color to bring your room’s look together.

Sheer curtains
Sheer curtains – Image Credit:
Sheer curtains panels
Sheer curtains panels – Image Credit:
Sheer curtains black
Sheer curtains black – Image Credit: @Eleccurtains
Sheer curtains blue
Sheer curtains blue – Image Credit: