Laser Hair Removal Is The Perfect Treatment

If you’re ashamed at finding yourself grimacing, cringing and rolling your eyes at annoying pesky areas of body hair, then you are not alone and help is available at your fingertips! Laser hair removal is the perfect treatment you need.

Laser hair removal treatment started in 1995 and was a huge success after wax strips which were popular since 1970. Laser hair removal is your ticket to getting rid of unwanted hair. Any place on your body can be targeted according to your choice. Lots of people have unwanted hair on their faces, while others may have a lot of hair on their chest, arms, back etc. Many people may want to have body hair, but not in excess. This can be solved by thinning the hairs on the body.

Once you decide to get laser hair removal done then you must understand how the technology works. You should at least know the basics. Let’s go back to your 4th grade. Remember 4th grade science and the color spectrum. Dark colors attract light and energy and hold it. While light colors reflect light energy. That’s the main reason why tennis players wear white on courts. You should never wear black when you’re bound to get exposed to the sun.

This technology works on nearly the same principle. What happens is that, the laser beam used in the hair removal device is directed at the hair follicles on the targeted area. The dark pigmentation in the follicle absorbs the laser light energy. Your skin does not absorb white light energy. As a matter of fact energy dissipates. The follicle starts absorbingmore and more energy. Eventually itdies and can no longer grow for a period of time.

Laser Hair Removal Is The Perfect Treatment
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Not everyone has the same color combination of skin, complexion color or hair color. Each person has a different outcome depending on these factors. However if you go to an expert with advanced technology, majority of the people can experience good results.

There may be more than one area you would like unsightly hair to be removed from, and this is all possible, thanks to laser hair removal technology. When you first go for a free consultation, your technician at will explain all the necessary information about the process.

Once your laser hair removal treatment sessions is done, your hair is still going to be able to be seen. Laser treatment doesn’t eliminate visible hair. This is not any different than shaving. Rather, the laser process burns the hair follicles at their roots. It takes several days for your body to release this hair. One that is done, the hair eliminated once and for all.

The MOST important thing in laser hair removal is to have licensed and trained esthetician perform your treatment because an untrained esthetician may miss more hairs, they might even keep the laser on wrong setting. Even though laser hair removal has proved to be a new and efficient technology, you need to be careful while going ahead with it.